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Improve takes the best elements of similarly successful international concepts and combines them. The first is a mall, which everyone likes in Canada because of the weather conditions. The second is healthy competition which will increase traffic. And third is the idea of a trade show. But at IMPROVE, it’s all year round.
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  • Step-by-Step Renovation Guide: Kitchen Cabinets Defined
    Step-by-Step Renovation Guide: Kitchen Cabinets Defined The prospect of renovating your kitchen cabinets in Toronto can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. A lot of money is riding on your... Read more
  • How to Make Your Ceiling Visually Higher
    Start with the ceiling. High gloss stretched ceilings are highly reflective, effect that is maintained whether dark or light is colour chosen for the ceiling membrane. Stretched ceilings... Read more
  • Rise of Scandinavian Minimalism in Interior Design
       There are several characteristics that make Scandinavian minimalism so appealing to urban dwellers: one is illusion of space, achieved via combination of natural light and white or near-... Read more
  • Take advantage of the Healthy Home Renovation Tax Credit,
    First, the program will be discontinued on January 1, 2017 the reason behind this is that the program is largely considered a failure as not enough people took advantage of it since October... Read more
  • Prepare Your Home For a Rainy Day
       With spring finally upon us a lot of Torontonians are looking forward to bright sunny days it brings. For many of us it also means it’s time to begin preparation for the upcoming rainy... Read more
  • 5 Smart Ways To Improve® Your Kitchen Storage Space
    5 Smart Ways To Improve® Your Kitchen Storage Space    Under-shelf Hanging Basket – this super simple solution can help maximize the storage space in your kitchen cabinets. The basket... Read more
  • Vaughan Mayor Maurizio Bevilacqua on Improve
    Some people think this is all about business. And it is, but it’s also about service. It’s about providing an experience for people. It’s about providing access to people. It’s about... Read more
  • Explore Improve: what a night!
    Paul’s charisma and natural charm carried us through the entire evening, from his 1-on-one with our co-owner, Oleg Chekhter, to the wonderful speeches delievered by City of Vaughan Mayor... Read more
  • Improve wins ‪first place at the‬ National Sign Tradeshow
    Thanks to Pride Signs Limited for creating it and to the Sign Association of Canada for this tremendous honour. Read more
  • 8 chandeliers you won’t believe are real
    Our friends at Casa Di Luce have some unreal lighting systems to offer. Some of them look like Dali-esque, surreal fantasies, which is particularly appropriate in the case of the LZF... Read more
  • 3 Reasons to Attend Explore Improve
    EIt’s an exclusive event for home improvement businesses in the Toronto area to see Improve, the amazing, 320,000 sq. ft. shopping centre before the public does. If you’re a business owner... Read more
  • Your daily inspiration: stunning blinds & curtains
    We default to neutrals and looks that don’t draw the eyes in too much, but what if you could add beauty, colour and dimension to your home with the right blinds? That’s what our partners at... Read more
  • 12 Game-changing Mosaic Designs you’ll want in your Home
    Today, mosaics can be used gorgeous focal point, in any type of room, from bathrooms, kitchens and beyond. Our friends at Orro Mosaics have created some incredible mosaics out of materials... Read more
  • ‘She Sheds’, women’s answer to the ‘Man Cave’
    Whether it’s a basement or a garage, its been the answer to men’s ailments. But why should men be the only ones with a place of their own? With men making their way into the kitchen and... Read more
  • A water-saving faucet that creates beautiful geometric
    Find out more about this elegant way of conserving water over at this website. Read more
  • A mountain cabin with an entrance resembling a black hole
    Designed as part of a workshop at the Bergen School of Architecture, which was conducted by Espen Folgerø from OPA Form Architects, the 150-square-foot building is accessed by crawling... Read more
  • The ‘Dream Doghouse’ by Samsung
    The kennel comes complete with a treadmill, a hydro-therapy pool, a paw-operated snack dispenser, a beautifully designed interior and fluffy pillows to keep your dog comfortable while... Read more
  • A creative lamp that you literally have to wind down to dim
    The brightness of the Well lamp can be adjusted by winding its wooden handle, similar to those found in water wells. When the bulb is lowered into the lamp’s glass container, the light... Read more
  • A bird-shaped lamp created out of paper
    The lamp shade is created from paper, while the holder is made of brass. It is available as a standing lamp and a wall fixture, and it swings back and forth when it is touched. Read more
  • A mobile shelter that can be placed anywhere within nature
    The Soul Box, designed by the studio Allergutendinge, does just this with their mobile, wooden shelter. You can immerse yourself in idyllic views of nature and sleep under a sturdy roof at... Read more